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The Irvine Harbour Company - morrings for leaseNPL Estates acquired the Irvine Harbour Company which was previously owned and operated by ICI.

The Irvine Harbour Company was formed under the Irvine Harbour Order Confirmation Act 1920.

The Act is still in force and Irvine Harbour Company upholds its duties by providing and maintaining:

    Moorings for annual lease
    Slipway for dinghy launch
    Facility for visitor berthing
    Navigation lighting

Irvine Harbour Company has already been proactive by removing the trolleys and other detritus which were on and next to the slipway and proved a danger to wildlife. This has also now provided a more attractive area for visitors to the Harbour. Debris cleared by The Irvine Harbour Company to make the river safe for wildlife
Trolleys in the river endangering wildlife. Debris
has now been removed by new Harbour Company

Another improvement has been the provision of renewed aids to the navigation lighting system much to the delight and satisfaction of the Northern Lighthouse Board and local sailors.

The Irvine Harbour Company - private and commercial vessels welcomeIrvine Harbour Company along with parent company NPL Estates will play a leading role in the regeneration of the Harbourside.

NPL Estates has substantial landholding on the peninsula including the Big Idea building and the footbridge which currently provides pedestrian access. NPL are working under a Partnership Agreement with North Ayrshire Council to regenerate the Ardeer Peninsula, safeguarding the existing employment on the site and bringing much needed investment into the area in the form of employment, housing, leisure and amenities. For further info visit www.nplestates.com

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The Big Idea building at Irvine Harbour

The Bridge of Scottish Invention at Irvine HarbourReached by the Bridge of Scottish Invention from the Harbour at Irvine, the Big Idea building was constructed on the site of Alfred Nobel's dynamite factory, which had been set up in the early 1870s. It included more than 80 hands-on exhibits, a ride through the history of explosions, a feature on the Nobel Prizes and a lecture theatre.

Unfortunately the exhibition closed in 2003 but new owners NPL Estates are masterplanning to bring the building back into use as part of an exciting golf development.

The Big Idea building

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